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CUMC Sermon 01-10-2021 by Jim Harrop
Growing, Knowing, and Certainty

CUMC Sermon 12-27-2020 by Will Humes
Peace and a Sword

CUMC Sermon 12-24-2020 by Will Humes
All Is Well

CUMC Sermon 12-20-2020 by Will Humes
Christmas Music

CUMC Sermon 12-13-2020 by Will Humes
Mystery and the Starman

CUMC Sermon 12-06-2020 by Will Humes
Will We Hear the Wilderness Voice?

CUMC Sermon 11-29-2020 by Jim Harrop
Starting Cycles Afresh or Rebooting the Computer

CUMC Sermon 11-22-2020 by Will Humes
The Ten Lepers and Giving Thanks

CUMC Sermon 11-15-2020 by Will Humes
The New Covenant: Risking the Arm

CUMC Sermon 11-01-2020 by Will Humes
When We Grow Up

CUMC Sermon 10-25-2020 by Will Humes
What the World Needs Now

CUMC Sermon 10-18-2020 by Will Humes
The Problem with Idolatry

CUMC Sermon 10-11-2020 by Will Humes
The Great Feast: One Parable, Two Versions, and Three Possible Outcomes

CUMC Sermon 10-04-2020 by Will Humes
Come Home, It’s Suppertime

CUMC Sermon 09-27-2020 by Will Humes
The Beautiful Mind of Christ

CUMC Sermon 09-20-2020 by Jim Harrop
Be the Vineyard Owner

CUMC Sermon 09-13-2020 by Will Humes
Beyond Forgiveness

CUMC Sermon 09-06-2020 by Will Humes
Conflict Resolution for Christians

CUMC Sermon 08-30-2020 by Will Humes
There’s a Better Way than Shooting Somebody

CUMC Sermon 08-23-2020 by Will Humes
Living a Sacrificial Life

CUMC Sermon 08-16-2020 by Will Humes
There’s a Test?

CUMC Sermon 08-09-2020 by Will Humes
Overcoming the Storms of Life

CUMC Sermon 08-02-2020 by Will Humes
Wrestling with God

CUMC Sermon 07-26-2020 by Will Humes
Hyperbole? Is the Gospel too Good to Be True?

CUMC Sermon 07-19-2020 by Jim Harrop
Is God an incompetent farmer or are we just not understanding?

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