Chimes – This Week’s News From Coventryville UMC 

Upcoming Events and News:

Lenten Services
The Coventry-Warwick Ministerium has scheduled their annual series of Lenten Services. T Please contact the church office for a complete list of services.   Please note:  There will be no Bible Study during the Lenten Season as it will be pre-empted by the services.

Choir News
The Hand Chime Choir will begin rehearsing for Easter on February 22 from 6:45- 7:20 PM.

Easter Eggs
The OWLS are once again selling Easter Eggs on their table.  The price will be $8.00 per pound and $4.00 per half pound

Thank You
Lynn Hess would like to thank the Bazaar Committee for their generous gift.  It is very much appreciated.

Our first planning meeting for VBS, 2018, “Shipwrecked” will be on February 19th at 6:30 PM.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend.  We are also in need of donations to help make our program a success.  Look for a complete list of needed items in the Chimes newsletters, a printed list at the church, or contact the church office and we can forward you a list.

Coventryville United Methodist Church
Outreach Recap of 2017
My Coventryville United Methodist Church Outreach team is simply an amazing group of people. It is a privilege to work alongside such wonderful dedicated Christians who enjoy serving our community.
In 2017, we have had the opportunity to reach so many people in need, inside and outside our church. VBS, Little Learners, Fun Fair, Breakfast w/ Santa, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Breakfast, Ministries on Main Street, Ian’s Boots, Thrift Shop, Trunk and Treat and Monthly Outreach Dinners have touched so many individuals in our community and schools.
Thank you to all who have served and welcome to all who will join us in 2018.
I am happy to report the following 2017 Outreach Profit and Designations.
Laura Guest – CUMC Outreach Leader

Profit: $11,154.00
Tithing: $1,485.00
Inside Outreach: $4,965.00
Outside Outreach: $4,704.00

January 2018 Coventryville United Methodist Church
Outreach Dinner
At the Pork and Sauerkraut dinner we had the opportunity to outreach and feed over 50 people in our community. After tithing, our inside outreach will goes towards buying shelves for bazaar and VBS storage.  Our outside outreach will go to multiple OJRSD families in need in the form of $50 Giant Gift Cards from our food card program at CUMC.
Laura Guest – CUMC Outreach Leader

February 2018 Coventryville United Methodist Church
Outreach Dinner
At the Chicken Pot Pie dinner we had the opportunity to outreach and feed over 100 people in our community. It was a great time of fellowship along with Pastor Will talking with and inviting people to come to our worship services. After tithing, our inside outreach will goes towards buying/serving/eating with the folks at Main Street Ministries on Sunday, March 4th 7:30PM. Our outside outreach will go to a young girl in our community who’s going through a rough medical time in her life.
Laura Guest – CUMC Outreach Leader

Worship Schedule

The Welcome Table- A Contemporary Worship Service- 9:30 AM
Traditional Worship Service- 11:00 AM

Spiritual Growth Opportunities

Current Sermon Series

The Gospel of the Nobodies

Most of us have at some point felt like a nobody – insignificant, invisible, worthless. The Gospel of Luke is a first century portrait of Jesus with a particular focus on his ministry with those who were considered nobodies. This Lent, join us as we read through the Gospel of Luke together.

Each week, we’ll turn our attention to specific stories that illustrate Jesus’ concern for those who were marginalized by society, and as we do, we’ll hear his word for our lives today. Join us for “The Gospel of the Nobodies.”

 The Night Shift Workers
Luke 1:1-4:13

The Disabled and Sick
Luke 4:14-8:21

The Demon Possessed
Luke 8:22-11:54

Prostitutes and Prodigals
Luke 12:1-16:31

The Homeless Beggars
Luke 17:1-21:4

The Thief on the Cross
Luke 21:5-23:56

The Women at the Tomb
Luke 24:1-53
Acts 1:1-14

Each week we will provide a GPS (Grow, Pray, and Study Guide) for your convenience in reading and reflecting on the passages above.

Lent: A time for recommitment and spiritual growth The 40-day season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, and ends with Easter. Lent historically was a time when people who had drifted away from God returned to church and to God, and it was a time when faithful Christians sought to grow in their faith as they prepared to commemorate Christ’s death and to celebrate his resurrection. Join our community in observance of Lent.

  1. Worship each weekend as we explore “The Gospel of Nobodies.”
  2. Read the Gospel of Luke. Each day our GPS (Grow, Pray, Study Guide) will have a passage from Luke and reflection questions to guide you.
  3. Find ways to learn, serve and share with your church family.

  this process of sanctification. Sanctifying grace draws us toward the gift of Christian perfection, which Wesley described as a heart habitually filled with the love of God and neighbor and as having the mind of Christ and walking as he walked.  This gracious gift of God’s power and love, the hope and expectation of the faithful, is neither warranted by our efforts nor limited by our frailties.

Sunday School

Morning Prayer and Bible Study



Bible Study
Wednesday Morning and Evening Bible Study – The morning Session, held in the Choir Room, starts at 10:15 AM and the evening session, in Grace Hall, begins at 7:15 PM. All are welcome to attend.  Contact Pastor Will for more information.

 Praying Hands Prayer Group
Will not be meeting for the time being.  We will post times when we begin meeting again.

Service Matters

Coventry Food Pantry:  Donations may be left in the Narthex of reusable bags, non-perishable food items, and paper towels, toilet paper, diapers,

Aluminum Can Recycling
Please put your DRY, clean and preferably crushed cans in a plastic grocery type bag and drop them in the trash can behind the shed.

First: The selling of water, soda, and iced tea in the silver refrigerator in our kitchen will be dedicated to the Appalachia Service Project. Second: is the collection of quarters for the homeless people in our area for laundering–this collection will be divided to also include the APS.  Third: We will also continue to accept donations to the Hygiene Kits for UMCOR.


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