Frank Gunson’s Upcoming Mission Trip

Due to an almost unbelievable set of events, crossed paths & prayers, I have been blessed with an opportunity to serve God in an entirely new (and a little bit scary) way. I have been invited to serve for a week as part of a  Caring Hearts Ministry medical mission team in San Luis, Mexico.  My primary role will be supporting the mission room, where I’ll have the chance to spread the Good News of hope, salvation & the love of Jesus.

As folks leave the medical clinic, they come into the ministry room, which is where I come in.   Visitors will have the chance for both individual prayer and hearing a message that’s delivered a few times every hour.  Based on previous missions, it sounds like the team will see over 4000 people/week and have had many as 1000+ want to accept Christ and get connected with a church!

Needless to say – I am pumped!  I’m also a bit out of my comfort zone….that’s where I need your help.  As I prepare for my departure on Oct 8th, any prayers for courage, health, strength & the words to bring the people of San Luis closer to Christ, would be awesome!

Thank you, Peace & God Bless – Frank Gunson

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